30 Mar 19 – Monte Alban & Cuilapam

This is my first tour in Mexico and on my trip overall. I signed up with one operator but when we got to Monte Alban I was shuffled off to the English-speakers tour and bus for the rest of the day. Turned out to be the best as a) I don’t speak Spanish well enough to understand what’s going on and b) I met two really nice women from Ohio.

Just a beautiful, random-ass tree in the middle of the desert.

Back in the day, Monte Alban was the place from which the Zapotecs ran shit in the Oaxaca region. One of the main temples they have symbols of the different pre-Columbian nations they conquered. I have no pictures of this so you’ll just have to take my word for it or you can go to Oaxaca and find out for yourself. Anyway, the Zapotecs had things on-lock for hundreds of years and then people just got tired of them and headed for the hills. I mean… I think that’s what happened. It was hella hot out here and I might have missed a few things from the tour guide.

That panorama function does come in handy.
Movie location for pre-Columbian Rocky. These stairs were no joke.
Top of those stairs. Look at me getting all artsy an shit!

Sooo… Monte Alban… honestly, the tour was just ok from an information perspective but the sites were pretty cool. From here we went to lunch where I chatted with my new friends Stella and Adriana. Stella bought me a beer (Oh, that’s kind of funny. Just twigged to that now) so I’m looking forward to going to Ohio at some point in the future to repay the favor. After lunch we were off to Cuilapam.

There’s Stella and Adriana.

Again. Not paying too much attention to the tour guide but this is an unfinished convent built by some Spanish colonizers. They probably did some dirty shit to the Oaxacans until they got ran out of the country. But they built (read: enslaved some Oaxacans to build) this convent and it takes good pictures.

So there you have it. A poorly related day of touring one of Oaxaca’s most famous tourist sites. I hope I get better at this.

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