22 Jul 19 – Mitad del Mundo

You can tell it’s the middle of the world because there is a line going right through it just like on a globe. Plus the country is named Ecudor, get it like “e-qua-tor”. And the whole region was called Quito by the indigenous Shuar people which, in their language means “earth” (qui) “middle” (to). How these ancient people knew they lived on the middle of the earth I do not know but their neighbors in Peru built a pyramid so maybe they talked about it.


There were guinea pigs. So. Cute. Or should I say so “cuy”? Because that is what they’re called in Ecuador because of the little sound they make which is also really cute. So guess you could call these cuy, cute which… wait, that’s just the same joke backwards.

The Guinea God! Behold her works and despair!

Anyway, looking forward to eating one of these soon.

Because it’s the middle earth and magic you can balance an egg on its end here. I mean I couldn’t. And neither could anyone I saw but I don’t know, maybe you could.

In 1724 (maybe?), a French science guy wanted to prove that Issac Newton was right about the earth being shaped like an oblong egg. So the French King gave him a bunch of money and told him to go figure it out. And I guess he did because he arrived in Ecuador (or Quito) and said, “Yep, this is it!” This also somehow proved Newton was right. Cool.

And that was basically it for 200 years until Ecuador decided being on the equator was cool enough to celebrate. They went all out and built a 10m monument. Cool.

And that was it for another 50ish (?) years until Ecuador rebuilt the monument to be 30 meters. Cool.

At this point in our story it’s the “go-go 80s” and Ecudaor decides to go buck wild and build a city (read “tourist trap”) around this area to which tourists have been coming for decades without being trapped. 30 years later, the trap was complete.

It’s a very good trap because the fact is this isn’t even the real equator!! That’s right. It’s like thinking you’re at Disney World but ending up in UAV Entertainment World (deep cut, look it up) . The actual, real equator is 240m away from here. So take that Newton! In your face!

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